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Creativity & Expertise

I’m a full-time Professional Wedding Photographer based in Warwickshire, working across the Midlands and Central England.

About Me

Perhaps the most important thing, other than the quality of my photography, is your relationship with me as a person. People often forget your photographer will be there sharing your day, potentially in your room as you are getting ready, liaising with your guests and talking with you throughout the day to capture key images. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your Photographer and can have a giggle along the way. 

I’m really relaxed and friendly, happy to chat away to anyone about anything, and I understand that I represent you in front of your family and guests. 

A little bit about me away from the camera. I have a beautiful family with my partner Richard. Our eldest son is currently doing his A levels and readying for University. Our eldest Daughter is doing well with her GCSEs and our youngest daughter is hot on their heels.  For my hobbies, I’m a huge equestrian, which is a passion I share with my daughters, we’ll be with our ponies and horses whenever I’m not working, mainly jumping, with a little cross-country at various shows up and down the country. 

I live in the beautiful county of Warwickshire and I’m very fortunate to have a custom home studio, so location wise I can get anywhere within the Midlands and Central England in no time at all. You’ll often find me capturing weddings at Venues across Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and in & around Birmingham or Solihull.

You’ll find I’m quietly confident, always smiling, and people often comment on my positive energy. I’m also an excellent listener and take instructions, but equally I’m able to confidently take control to rally people and ensure we get your critical photographs. I have a great sense of humour and have a light hearted character.

I built a reputation for excellence over my many years of photography, so much so I cannot always cope with the demand and take on all my enquiries because I limit certain weekends to enjoy time with my family. Otherwise I could be photographing wedding 52 weekends of the year. Please make sure you book me early to avoid missing out.

When I’m not photographing Weddings I often provide commercial photography for companies like Hobbycraft, M&S, Calor Gas, Coutts Bank, Natwest, Tesco and many other household brands as one of the leading photographers in the country, feel free to browse my other website –

About My Wedding Photography & Style

I’ve built up a fantastic reputation for capturing natural images, that truly reflects each of my weddings, which I’m immensely proud of. My Brides and Grooms often comment that the photography literally transport them back as if they were there again and that an incredible feeling to see the joy and emotions flood through. 

In general, I do not typically apply heavy editing to my images, with excessive filters and effects, I prefer high quality natural images with light editing and touching that look real and are true to the day. That doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes add a tasteful edit or effect to enhance a show-stopping image, but the image must lend itself to the edit, rather than forcing an edit for sake of apply effects.

I aim to capture the elegance and emotion of the day by capturing a variety of photographs, brides, grooms, respective parties and families, but also of your guests and all the fun everyone is having. often my brides and grooms see images that tell stories of the day they were even aware of, normally the groomsmen getting up to mischief or belly laughing moment between guests.

My style is typically documentary, albeit I like to be adaptive, to capture the day as unobtrusively as possible, capturing images as the day unfolds, but I will always ensure we capture some more formal or choreographed images. I often operate like a ninja or in stealth mode, with your guest hardly noticing me, when they do it’s typically all giggles and laughs as we capture images together.

These choreographed images, which typically include groups of family and friends do sometimes need managing on the day to politely move people between rooms or gardens, to minimise the disruption or time posing.

My brides and grooms, often fall into three groups: 

1. Those that have clear meticulous plans, requirements and instructions, which I’m very relaxed in following.

2. Those that prefer for me to take control, either in the planning stage &/or on the day.

3. To those that have a general plan, but need some support in planning and managing the day.

I’m very relaxed with all the above, I can happily follow detailed instructions and I’m equally happy to take control. In fact on occasion, I have to take control if my Brides and Grooms plans are straying or with lively groups, normally by rallying the Ushers, Venue Staff and key figures to get things sorted for you discretely. Which you even won’t notice.

Again, at your discretion and convenience we can cover all these points in the 1-1 consultation, either via Google Meet (video conference) or a face to face meeting. These are often great fun, discussing your big day and really getting excited, hearing all your ideas and plans.

I take great pride in the amazing relationships I forge with my brides and grooms, often maintaining contact long after the weddings having shared in their amazing memories. Such are our relationships, I’ve often had the extra priviledge of photographing some my brides’ newborn babies in my studio.

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High expectations & Always Delivering stunning PhotogRaphy

No-one has higher expectations than I do, and this determination to challenge myself and strive to capture ever better photography ensures that my clients get amazing wedding photography, some would say I’m relentless. That said, I loves it when my clients have bold ideas or requirements.


My packages reflect my commitment to competitive pricing whilst balancing the demands on my services. My packages are largely based on my time, allowing my brides and grooms to add albums and additional products as they wish. This allows you to choose what you wish to commit to the album and puts you in control. 

You can view my packages here

If you have specific needs or would like to amend my packages, then please give me a call as I can alter my packages to provide a bespoke package exactly as you require it.

Editing & Touching

My packages detail the number of edited images you will receive and remember you can always add images on to your package at any point. Editing typically includes cropping and framing, with some light and adjustments. It does not include splicing images together or advanced restructuring of images. I may perform lighting touching, to improve the images within the editing process and depending on the image I may apply some effects/filters. If you have specific requirements, please speak with me as my editing skills are quite advanced and we’ll see what we can do.

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I’d be delighted to hear from you and learn more about your wedding photography requirements. 

If you’d like we can either chat over the phone, or we have a video conference with an easy to use Google Meet, or should you wish a face to face consultation.  

Please fill out the form below or call me on 07703 290947.

Wedding Photographer

With a natural, subtle yet sophisticated style of Wedding Photography, Emma’s clients adore her wedding photographs and is well known across the midlands region. The number of venues available across the region is huge, but this doesn’t phase Emma as a great number she already knows and those she doesn’t are researched and in some cases visited prior to get a feel for the venues and right scenes. Emma can be as discreet or commanding as you require on the day, to move people around boldly or almost not be noticed, which offers the wedding couple significant flexibility on how they wish there day to take shape. Having the ability to take command has saved a number of wedding shoots as the daylight or time was slipping by. Please enjoy looking through Emma’s gallery and case studies, and to learn more about Emma as a Wedding photographer just reach out for an intro call.