My Recent Weddings

Peak behind the scenes

Enjoy browsing through some of my recent weddings; it’s only a small amount of my work. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more.

Wedding Photographer in Rugby Warwickshire Bridal Party - Emma Lowe Photography
Emma Lowe Wedding Photographer logo_1

Anne & Nick

Anne & Nick’s beautiful Wedding at Saint Leonard’s Church in Coventry.

Wootton Park Wedding day photographer in Warwickshire by Emma Lowe Photography
Wootton Park Weddings by Emma Lowe Photography

Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt’s beautiful Wedding at Wootton Park Warwickshire.

Catthorpe Manor Wedding - Feb 2023 - By Emma Lowe Photography
Catthorpe Manor Weddings by Emma Lowe Photography

Holly & Dan

Holly & Dan’s beautiful Wedding at Catthorpe Manor Rugby.

Bourton Hall Wedding 2023 by Emma Lowe Photography
Bourton Hall Weddings by Emma Lowe Photography

Olivia & Calvin

Olivia & Calvin’s beautiful Wedding at Bourton Hall in Rugby.

Warwick House Wedding Venue photographer by Emma Lowe Photography
warwick house

Claire & Nathan

Claire & Nathan’s beautiful Wedding at Warwick House in Warwick.

Gamu & Andii Winstanley Hall 2021 Emma Lowe Wedding Photography
Winstanley House - Wedding Venue

Gamu & Andii

Gamu & Andii’s beautiful Wedding at Winstanley House in Leicester.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Photographer By Emma Lowe Photography
Coombe Abbey - Wedding Venue - Coventry

Louise & Matt

Louise & Matt’s beautiful Wedding at Coombe Abbey in Coventry.

Emily & Stephen Wedding 11- Greetham Valley Golf Club - Oakham -.jpg
Greetham Valley - Wedding Photographer

Emily & Stephen

Emily & Stephens beautiful Wedding at Greetham Valley in Rutland.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Venue photographer by Emma Lowe Photography
Coombe Abbey - Wedding Venue - Coventry

Dean & Kat

Dean & Kat’s beautiful Wedding at Coombe Abbey in Coventry.

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Validating A Professional Photographer

through their client portfolios ..

In a world where drag & drop websites and reviews are easily forged to misrepresent service providers, there is no better validation of a professional Photographer than their client portfolios. With my work schedule, I haven’t time to post all of my client case studies and in fact the nature of some of work prevents my posting. For example, my work for the Military of Defence (MOD), NHS and indeed some of my newborns and brides who prefer not to share their images and stories. That said, I hope these recent case studies offer you a glimpse into my world and the fantastic array of clients or places I get to photograph daily.


If you would like to see more client work, in a particular genre and/or industry vertical, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll happy work with you on this.  Hope to speak soon.