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Should I Get Dance Lessons For My Wedding?

Should I Get Dance Lessons for My Wedding?

Planning your wedding can be the most exciting, terrifying, stressful yet rewarding process you and your partner will ever go through. There is already plenty to think about, but if you’ve chosen to celebrate your marriage with a first dance, there may be one more consideration to have;


Should I Get Dance Lessons?

Your guests, friends and family will be so excited to watch you and your partner dance for the first time as a married couple. Some people prefer to choreograph every step of their first dance, include their wedding party or they stick to a simple sway to the music. Whatever your preference, dance lessons for this important memory can help in a number of ways.


Getting Over Your Fears

For most people, the first dance at their wedding is the first time they’ve had to “perform” a dance in front of an audience. If this is a terrifying thought for you, or you just want to brush up on keeping to a rhythm – dance lessons can help build your confidence to enjoy your first dance as much as possible.

It is never a requirement to learn a specific routine for your first dance, and no one is expecting professional dance moves that involve throwing your partner into the air! Just a few dance lessons can help you to get a feel for where to place your feet, how to hold your partner and how to keep to the beat so that you are in time with your chosen music.


Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve had  few dance lessons, and a professional has shown you a few moves to get you started, you are then able to practice with your partner whenever you can in the lead up to your wedding. Of course, in a dance hall/studio is the best space to be able to do this as you can get real-time direction from an instructor and you have space to experiment with moves.


It Can Help You to Feel Connected

Dancing has long been an activity for those in love, or those who want to feel close to each other. Your first dance will be a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life. Getting dance lessons in advance of the big day can not only help you to feel closer to your partner during the reception, but also whilst you are both finding your feet on the dancefloor.

Wedding planning can be stressful, often times overwhelming, and can take up a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend as quality time with your other half. Dance lessons are the ideal time to relax into each other’s company and enjoy doing an activity you enjoy together.

Whether you’re planning an extravagant routine to impress your nearest and dearest or if you’d prefer to keep it simple; dance lessons can provide a lot of benefits to both you and your partner. There’s always a chance you both find that dancing is a hobby you’d like to continue with after your big day!