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How Can I Stop My Partner From Drinking So Much On Our Wedding Day?

How Can I Stop My Partner From Drinking So Much On Our Wedding Day?

Your wedding may be one of the biggest parties you’ll ever host. Although many people chose to have alcohol available at their wedding, it is totally up to you and your partner whether or not to have a dry wedding (where alcohol isn’t served).

There are many different ways to serve alcohol at your wedding. You could choose to have an open bar, where you have already put a set amount of money behind the bar and guests can get their drinks for free, you could have a cash bar available, wine and champagne provided only or a mixture of these options. Whatever your choice, many people find alcohol a good way to relax and have fun. However, it is possible that the anxiety of the day along with the excitement of getting married could have your partner drinking a little too much on your big day. So how can you help to ensure you both enjoy your day as much as possible without drinking too much?


Communicate: Talk to Them Before the Day

Everyone has a different approach and different feelings towards alcohol. Some people can drink more than others before feeling the effects whilst others have to avoid certain types of alcohol to avoid getting too drunk. No one will judge you for wanting to have a drink on your wedding day, but it’s important to know your limits. Over drinking can lead to embarrassing situations, or you may not remember your incredible day.

If you’re worrying that your partner may over drink on your wedding day, the best way to begin tackling this is to communicate your concerns nice and early. Attempting to stop the process of someone getting too drunk whilst they’re already drinking can be tricky and may lead to arguments. Ask your partner how much they are expecting to drink and ensure they know your feelings towards this so that you’re both on the same page. Explain that you want them to enjoy their day but you don’t want them to be very drunk.

It can also prove useful to highlight when in the day you’re expecting your partner to drink too. Some bridesmaids, groomsmen, brides and grooms may have a drink before the ceremony. Remind your partner that they’ll need to be sharp during the ceremony and to control their drinking especially in the morning.


It’s Your Choice: Have a Dry Wedding

To totally erase the potential for your partner to over-drink at your wedding, you could choose not to serve alcohol at all. It is becoming very popular not to have alcohol at weddings, as it saves on a lot of costs and ensures everyone remembers the day well and there are no embarrassing accidents.

You could design mocktails that fit the theme of your wedding, or just choose a wide variety of soft drinks for guests to choose from. Utilise a rented hot-chocolate bar with toppings and sauces for a winter wedding or offer mulled wine or warm cider!


The most important way to ensure both you and your partner have the day of your dreams is to communicate with each other. Voice concerns early on and discuss them until you feel you both understand each other’s expectations. Remember to choose alcohol options for your wedding that suit you, not just your guests, and whatever you choose – relax, have fun and enjoy your big day to the fullest.